Wearing eyeglasses is an everyday thing for millions of Americans, as a matter of fact, it’s estimated 75% of adults use some sort of vision correction, yet a whopping 41% of them report not wearing their glasses like they should. Unfortunately, most people do not keep up with renewing their prescription, both because of the cost and the hassle. Something so simple as wearing the right eyeglasses, can significantly improve your vision and your overall quality of life.
Glasses improve your eye health and actually prevent issues down the line. We live our lives dieting and exercising to live longer, healthier lives, and we should be doing the same for our eye health. Investing in a good pair of glasses is the best, most cost-effective way to drastically improve your vision and quality of life.


At the ripe age of 40, our vision starts to deteriorate. This is called presbyopia, which makes it harder to see at night, and small print difficult to read. A correction for this is multi-focal lenses. Slipping on a pair of LivelyLume’s Zoom Collection enables you to see effortlessly at different distances, without ever touching your glasses. Whereas bifocals only correct vision near and far, these correct for near, mid, and far distances.


LivelyLume’s Allay Collection could actually help you sleep better, and stay focused longer. According to Harvard Health Publishing, blue light from screens suppresses the secretion of melatonin, making it harder to fall asleep and disrupting your circadian rhythm. Exposure to blue light from screens at night is the leading reason why people aren’t sleeping well enough these days, and it causes an increased risk for depression, diabetes, and heart problems. If you’re looking to improve your sleep and protect your eyes while doing it, the Allay Collection is the perfect combination of functionality and style.


Sunglasses have a myriad of benefits, mainly protecting your eyes from the sun’s harmful UV rays, and making it more comfortable to see outside--the last thing you want to do is squint the entire time you’re laying out by the pool. Where most sunglasses fall short, however, is their functionality for people with less than perfect vision. LivelyLume’s Fade Collection has uniquely crafted dual-focal sunglasses, for near and far sightedness of all strengths. Not to mention, they are fashion forward without the outrageous price tag.



LivelyLume uses only the best materials with superior technology to precisely match lenses and fashion-forward frames. Glasses have the potential to change the way you live your life, and drastically improve your vision and eye health for decades to come. Click below to see our collections of stylish glasses.