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"I receive great compliments on a daily basis on my LivelyLume frames. Especially the Blue Contours. Everyone wants to know where I got them, they can’t believe they are readers and not prescription. I can leave them on ALL OF THE TIME. Stylish and just the right amount of youthfulness for this 50 something:)"

--Margaret M.


I love these glasses so much. They are perfect and craftsmanship is exquisite. So glad I saw the commercial. Can’t wait to receive my second pair. The price is great as well.

Deborah B.

The customer service here is wonderful. I first ordered the blue/leopard Multi focus lenses but I think I have a narrower face and felt like only one eye was centered at a time. Customer service responded quickly and even though I had them for a few weeks, they said It was not a problem to exchange. I exchanged for same style in blue light readers and I love them. They’re so different, super stylish, great quality, fit well and I love them so much that I am thinking of ordering another pair.

Rhonda S.

I had cataract surgery in both my eyes. Then recently I had to have lazik in one of them. Finding reader glasses at the pharmacy's just don't seem to work for me. They make me dizzy. I decided to try a pair of the anti blue light readers in my strength of 200. I love them. I can resume all my phone and computer activity without any issues. They are also very lightweight. That's a plus. I recently ordered a new pair as I broke my other ones. Not only did I receive great customer service and advise from Chad, he also sent me a replacement pair for my broken ones. I cant say enough good about these glasses and this company and its customer service. Its so hard to find good companies and good customer reps these days. I would highly recommend these glasses and this company to anyone.

Heather C.