There are so many ways to express your personality with what you wear, so your eyewear should be no different! Finding the right style for you shouldn’t be too hard especially when you use LivelyLume Eyewear to buy glasses that match how you carry yourself. We understand that everyone deserves stylish eyewear that is both functional as well as unique. Here we will go over the various styles of eyewear and what they say about your personality.



Maybe you’re an artist or just have a wicked sense of style and see bright colors everywhere you go. Trying out a pair of colorful frames can be a great way to compliment your personality and add to how you already carry yourself. Forget the traditional black or brown frames, these days you can find them in any color imaginable! Whether you choose to rock some stunning red frames or your taste is more a deep blue, LivelyLume Eyewear has frames in many shades!

Suggested Style:

Contour's with Multifocal lens 

Contour's with Blue Light lens


If your aesthetic is less bright and more grounded in earthy textures, a nice pair of tortoiseshell or leopard frames could be your go-to. These aren’t just unique in their texture but also in the pattern of the frame.  These are popular with independent thinkers who are a bit spunky and have an interest in vintage, classic style.

Suggested Style:

Icon's with Multifocal lens

Icon's with Blue Light lens


For those of us who are more into tradition, a strong black frame may be just what you need. The shape will also change the energy of the style whether you choose the more pensive, rectangular frame or go for something a bit more fun like ovals. There are many ways to wear black frames and make the style your own.

Suggested Style:

Premier's with Multifocal lens 

Premier's with Blue Light lens



Are you the type to book a cross country trip on the fly? Have you gone zip-lining in the Amazon? Well, grab yourself a pair of our Marquee frames. If you’re one to stand out you won’t mind. Embody your own self-assured style and indulge in a pair of these glasses that will sure to provide style and functionality on your travels.

Suggested Style:

Marquee's with Multifocal lens 

Marquee's with Blue Light lens


While many may not want to admit to this, people do wear fake glasses for style but also because it can be a confidence booster and make someone feel “smarter” from wearing them. There’s no harm in finding a style that speaks to you and makes you feel more capable to do the things you need to do throughout your day. The right frame can definitely uplift one’s self-esteem as well as one’s outfit.

Suggested Style:

Elle's with Multifocal lens 

Elle's with Blue Light lens



Whether you already have your style down or are looking to explore something new, LivelyLume Eyewear has a range of frames to find your style and functionality needs. Your eyewear is one of the first things someone sees when they meet you, that’s why you deserve to have a pair of stylish frames to express yourself.
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