Which Glasses Should You Get Based on Your Face Shape?

Whether you are new to having glasses or you are selecting a new pair of frames, you may be puzzling over which eyeglasses to buy. There are so many options these days, especially when it comes to the shape of your eyeglasses. There are round, square, cat eye, frameless, and so many more. With all the options to choose from, it’s best to look to your unique face shape for inspiration. Based on the shape of your face, different frame styles may look better or worse. Here are the glasses you should get based on your individual face shape.


Glasses for a Square Face

Square faces have wider foreheads, broad cheekbones, and a broad and angular jawline with a narrow chin. Because of the sharpness of this face shape, the best glasses shape for anyone with a square face is round or oval. Round and oval shaped frames will round out and add curvature to your face that is rich with angles and definition.


Glasses for a Round Face

Round shaped faces are just that: round. They appear symmetrically sized in both forehead and chin, with wider and higher cheekbones. Out of all the frames you could select as someone with a round face, the ones that will likely look best are the ones that are the most angular. This angularity will help add edge and shape to your otherwise round features. Opt for a sharp, rectangular pair of glasses or a bold cat-eye with an edgy angle.


Glasses for a Heart-Shaped Face

Heart-shaped faces are widest at the brow line and narrow as they move down toward the chin. Heart-shaped faces also have very high cheekbones, which give them that distinct heart shape. These face shapes look best in frames that balance the look of your natural features: a thicker, wider frame at the bottom of the glasses with a more narrow or curved upper. Some of these shapes include bottom-heavy shapes, rimless styles, or oval glasses.


Glasses for an Oval Face

Oval faces are those with a narrower forehead and smaller chin. An oval face is very common and is almost universal. However, many glasses look good on oval face shapes. The best frame shapes for your oval-shaped face will be rectangular or square, as both of these shapes add a bit more angularity and structure to your softer, curved features.


No matter your face shape, there is a perfect pair of glasses for you! Spend a bit of time studying your face shape in the mirror and you will have a better idea of which pair to choose.
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