After a certain age, the likelihood of presbyopia (farsightedness) setting in can cause our vision to blur when we try to read or examine something close up. Multifocal, also named progressive, eyeglass lenses have become more popular since the introduction of smartphones. We often stop what we’re doing to read emails or text messages throughout the day. One minute, you’re working on your computer and the next you’re glancing down at your smartphone or trying to read a book or document on your desk.



Your eyes blur and you have to either wait for them to clear or if you’re like a lot of people, you have to switch eyeglasses. Many people wear one pair of reader glasses to check their smartphone or read a book and then switch to another pair to look at their computer screen or even watch television. Wouldn’t it be great if you could have everything in one pair of glasses?

Multifocal progressive lenses are like trifocals but far better since there are no lines or harsh transitions in the lenses. The smooth transition between the strengths of the lens makes them virtually invisible. But when you’re wearing them, they make all the difference in your ability to change what you’re viewing without having to change your glasses repeatedly.



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