📦  About Our Shipping works with several manufacturers across the globe to source the highest quality eyewear for the lowest cost.  This results in many of our orders being shipped from various places across the world.  Because some products are coming from so far away they can often take 12-20 days to arrive.  Many of the products will arrive a lot quicker, but as a rule thumb you can expect it to be 12-20 days.

Here are some common questions we get regarding shipping: 

1.) What is my order status?
You can check the status of your order HERE.

2.) How long does it take to get my order?
We start processing your order the day it's received.  Please allow the following amount of time for your order to arrive:

USA Orders: 12-20 Days
International Orders: 15-25 Days

3.) How do I know if my package has shipped and is on it's way?
Once you place an order, you will receive an automatic confirmation email.  When your order has been processed and has shipped, you will receive another email indicating your package has been shipped with a tracking number.  Please note that the shipping confirmation email does not necessarily mean that the carrier (USPS) has picked up your package from our distribution center.  There will be a link in your email to determine when your package has been picked up and is in transit. Please allow up to 72 hours (excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and Holidays) from the time you place your order for it's status to update.

4.) Why is hasn't my tracking status been updated in a while?
Sometimes tracking status do not get updated for 5-10 days.  This is perfectly normal, it means your item is now on board a shipping transport. Our couriers don't update the tracking status once the package is on board a transport ship (because there is not really much to update).  The tracking will only be updated when the carrier picks up the parcel from the ship to deliver it to you locally in the US.

If it hasn't updated, it just means it is still on the ship on its way to you.  If you are still concerned with your order, send us an email at and we will be happy to provide a detailed status update.

5.) My package says it hasn't left the country yet.
If your tracking reads that it has been processed through a facility it means the package has left the country and is on board the mail ship.  The time it takes to get to the destination country varies.

6.) What about special holidays such as Christmas?
Due to a high volume of orders placed during the holiday season (especially Christmas), shipping times are usually longer than usual.  Orders that are placed on or after December 1st will NOT be delivered by Christmas (December 25th). Please keep this in mind as you order your products from our store. Thank you again for being patient with us!

7.) I still haven't received my package, can I get a refund?
Packages very rarely get lost.  Unless you provided us with an incorrect shipping address, they will get to their destination 99.99% of the time.

But on some rare occasions, customs will hold a package much longer than expected.  For that reason, if you still did not receive your shipment within 60 business days, contact us and and we will refund 100% of your order.  When your shipment finally gets to you after those 60 business days, it is yours to keep, even if we have already refunded your entire order.

Please note we are not responsible if a package is undeliverable because of missing, incomplete, or incorrect destination information.  If you realize you have made an error, simply e-mail us at as soon as possible. is not responsible for destination country tax and/or any duty charge that may incur.  Customers will be held accountable for any restrictions, duties, taxes, and any other fees collected from the destination country. LivelyLumeEyewear will not be responsible for any Duties, Taxes, or Customs fees under any circumstances.

8.) Do you ship internationally?
Not at this time.

9.) I only received one of the products that I ordered! Where are my other items?
Because we source from multiple warehouses all across the world, different products may come in different shipments and at different time intervals.  You will get a tracking number for each shipment via email.

10.) What method is used for shipping?
All packages are shipped via USPS.