🙋  See below for our handy-dandy FAQ document with answers to the most frequently asked questions we get.  If you don't see the answer to your question(s) here don't hesitate to contact us at Info@livelylumeeyewear.com and we'll get back to you quickly!


1.) Is there a place for me to enter my prescription when ordering?
This is a question we get asked quite a bit. Our glasses are reading glasses, not prescription. So there is no area for you to enter your specific prescription when ordering. Instead, think of our multi-focal glasses as standard reader tri-focals (but without the defined lines between the lens). For more info on this see FAQ #7.

2.) Do you make a lens with different strengths in each eye?
Unfortunately no.  Custom lens creation is not something we currently offer.  

3.) Can you make a lens that has a specific strength at the top the lens?
Unfortunately no.  Custom lens creation is not something we currently offer.  

4.) I love your frames! Do you sell just the frames?
Unfortunately, we do not sell just the frames at this time. However, if you purchase our glasses (with the lens) you can bring them to your local eyeglass store and they can swap out the lens to meet your specific needs.

5.) Do you have regular reading glasses?
Yes.  Our Allay Collection (Anti-Blue Light Lens) glasses are actually regular reading glasses.  The only difference (bonus) is the added anti-blue lens coating which protects your eyes from computer screens and electronics.  See our full collection of anti-blue light glasses here.

6.) Which reader strength should I order?
We believe the best way to answer that question is...with a question!  Here goes:  If you were to buy a standard pair of reading glasses at the pharmacy what strength would you select?

When you make your strength selection on our site, simply choose the same strength as you would a normal pair of reading glasses.

7.) I'm not sure if I fully understand the multi-focal glasses.  How exactly do they work?

Standard reading glasses only have 1 level of magnification, which requires you to switch glasses (or remove your glasses) when looking at objects in the mid and far distances.

Our multi-focal glasses have standard reader magnification only at the bottom portion of the lens. The magnification strength gradually decreases through the middle and to the top portion of the lens. The top portion of the lens has a magnification strength of 0.

This eliminates the hassle of constantly switching or removing your glasses and enables vision for near, mid, and far distances all with 1 pair of glasses.

8.) Regarding your multi-focal glasses (Zoom Collection), can you see lines on the lens between the focal points?
No.  Our glasses have a smooth transition from the bottom of the lens to the top of the lens  so there are no defined lines between the focal points.

9.) What is the difference between the dual-focal lens and the multifocal lens?
The dual-focal lens is more like a traditional bifocal with a small half-moon at the bottom for reading and the middle and top with 0 correction.  (see FAQ above for the description of the multifocal lens).

10.) Do your glasses come in different frame sizes?
No.  They are 1 size fits all.  Most of our glasses have a nose piece which can be slightly adjusted to your comfort.  If you discover your glasses do not fit correctly you can send them back to us for a full refund or exchange for another pair.

11.) Are there size charts for the glasses?
Yes.  On the product page, scroll down to middle of the page and you'll find a size chart for each of our styles.  If you cannot find the size chart please email us at info@livelylumeeyewear.com and we will point you in the right direction.

 12.) I am nearsighted. Will your glasses work for me?
Likely No. Our Multi-Focal lens (Zoom Collection) are designed so that the top portion of the lens is 0 strength. Therefore, our lens will not likely work for people with nearsighted symptoms.

13.) Do you make glasses with a strength higher that 4.0 (+400)?
No. The highest magnification strength we offer is 4.0 (+400). We cannot develop a lens higher than 4.0.


1.) Is there a way to obtain a discount code for my order?
Yes.  At the footer of our website you can sign up for our newsletter which will reveal a 10% off coupon code for your first purchase.

2.) Where is my order?
You can track the status of your order HERE.

If you have another questions about orders or shipping, check out our Shipping Guide.

3.) What is your Return/Refund Policy?
Please refer to our Return/Refund Policy which you can find HERE:

4.) Can I cancel my order?
See our cancellation policy at the bottom of the Returns Policy page.

5.) Can I amend/change my order after it's placed?
We try to process your order as quickly as possible, however, if you decide you want to amend your order please email us at Info@livelylumeeyewear.com and we will try to accommodate if possible. Please note once the order has been processed we will not be able to make any changes to it.

6.) I received a damaged item, what do I do?
If a product arrives defective or damaged take a photo (or video) of the item and email it to Info@livelylumeeyewear.com along with your order number and a description of the problem. Once received, we'll be happy to send out another free of charge.   Please note damaged items must be reported within 30 days of your delivery.

7.) How can I get in touch with someone from customer service?
For customer service inquiries, contact Info@livelylumeeyewear.com

8.) When should I expect a response from your support team?
We aim to respond to all emails within 24 hours but typically we respond much faster than that!

9.) What payment methods do you accept?
We accept four types of major credit cards (MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover), as well as PayPal and Apple Pay.

10.) I purchased a product and now it's on sale or discounted. Can I get a refund?
Unfortunately, we are unable to refund the difference between the original price and the sale price.

11.) Is there a minimum order cost to get free shipping?
Yes. The minimum order for free shipping is typically indicated in the announcement bar at the top of the homepage.

Still have questions?
Don't hesitate to contact us at Info@livelylumeeyewear.com and we'll get back to you quickly!