LivelyLume Lucent<br><small>Blue Light Glasses</small>
LivelyLume Lucent<br><small>Blue Light Glasses</small>
LivelyLume Lucent<br><small>Blue Light Glasses</small>
LivelyLume Lucent<br><small>Blue Light Glasses</small>
LivelyLume Lucent
Blue Light Glasses


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"I work on a computer over 40 hours a week. Before getting these readers I would get headaches and eye strains but now I can work with no issues! They also fit my face nicely and they are very stylish!" - Kim T.


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Stop headaches, insomnia, and eye fatigue with blue light glasses.

About Blue Light
Computer and smartphone overexposure is on the rise as electronics are used more and more each day. The "blue light" emitted from screens has been proven to have harmful effects on vision, leading to headaches, trouble sleeping, and eye strain.

The solution to blue light exposure is specially coated lens glasses that block harmful rays and eliminate the side effects.


Reduce Headaches & Eye Fatigue
Blue light and UV Rays can activate headache symptoms such as light sensitivity, dizziness, nausea, and more. Our blue light glasses block the harmful rays associated with headaches and eye strain.


Sleep Better

Researchers have found that increased exposure to blue light causes over-stimulation, making it difficult to fall asleep. Blocking blue light results in less eye strain before bed and can lead to a better night's sleep.

Increase Focus

Our glasses have high-quality lenses to ensure the clearest possible vision while eliminating eye strain and increasing focus.

Comfortable & Secure

Wear them over contacts or as stand-alone readers.  The arc design yields comfort, flexibility, and durability.



4 colors to choose from.

Blush Pink

Royal Purple



How to choose your reading strength

We suggest selecting the same strength of reading glasses you normally wear with readers you would get from any pharmacy.

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"I receive great compliments on a daily basis on my LivelyLume frames. Especially the Blue Contours. Everyone wants to know where I got them, they can’t believe they are readers and not prescription. I can leave them on ALL OF THE TIME. Stylish and just the right amount of youthfulness for this 50 something:)"

--Margaret M.