LivelyLume Horizon<br><small>Multi-Focal Reading Glasses</small>
LivelyLume Horizon<br><small>Multi-Focal Reading Glasses</small>
LivelyLume Horizon<br><small>Multi-Focal Reading Glasses</small>
LivelyLume Horizon
Multi-Focal Reading Glasses


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"These glasses are high quality and stylish. I use them every day. Highly recommended!" - Tina K.


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Stop the hassle of switching between readers.

Our stylishly crafted multifocal glasses enable near, mid, and far distance vision and come in various reader strengths, providing the perfect combination of fashion and function.

The secret is in the smooth dividing line between the focal points (like tri-focals but without the defined lines). Whether it's focusing up close, working on the computer, or viewing farther away these innovative readers enable multiple vision distances without the hassle of switching glasses.

Multi-function Glasses
Read a medicine label, do a crossword, watch TV, and see in the distance all with one pair of readers.  No more switching glasses for different activities.

Photochromatic 'Transition' Lens

Our glasses feature a photochromatic lens (aka 'transition' lens) that automatically darkens when exposed to sunlight and clears when away from sunlight.  The change is noticeable within just a few minutes.

Comfortable & Secure

Wear them over contacts or as stand-alone glasses or readers.  The smooth lines and arc design is optimized for comfort.


3 colors to choose from.


Midnight Blue

Bright Black

How to choose a reading strength

Choosing a reading strength is simple.  Just select the same strength as you would a standard pair of reading glasses off the shelf at the store. 


Read our FAQ which answers many of the common questions we get.
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"I receive great compliments on a daily basis on my LivelyLume frames. Especially the Blue Contours. Everyone wants to know where I got them, they can’t believe they are readers and not prescription. I can leave them on ALL OF THE TIME. Stylish and just the right amount of youthfulness for this 50 something:)"

--Margaret M.